Almost ready for the show

Well here are a few of my new critters.  They are not quite complete but thought I would show their progress.  Just a bit of paint and their wire stakes to hold them in your favourite flower pots.  Hope to have this done soon.  However, it is the holiday weekend in Canada and I have family coming in so I may not have them finished and ready to show for a few days.   I will most definitely take photos before they go off to the Garden Tour on July 8th.  




Ladybugs, butterflies and sprites. oh my.

There are a plethora of insects which have graciously modelled for me for my new line of pot sticks.  Well not really but they have been a great inspiration after my creative brain when on hold for the winter.  I will dig out the camera this week and post some in production photos of my little creations.  They are actually going to a Garden Show in Cranbrook on July 8.  Then will be posted on my Etsy site unless of course they all happen to sell, then I will be back in the studio crating more for Etsy.

Type at you later this week.


Back in my studio

Well, I am back in my studio after a very difficult winter.  Due to personal matters I could not devote the time need to maintain my blog, be in the studio, etc.  Anyway I am happy to report that I am back in the studio and preparing for a show on July 8th.  Once some of the little creations are complete I will post the images right here on my blog.  

I promise now to stay in touch