Grampy has new clothes

Well, I thought I should update this blog with the next step of the Spruceland Sprites.  I finally have clothes on Grampy Sprite.  Haven’t named him yet but that will come later.  This was my first real attempt at hands and feet.  They’re not bad.  As I type he is sitting in the oven for the final bake.  He will then be antiqued and varnished.  I will might put him on My Etsy site when he is finished.  I haven’ decided yet.  We’ll see how he looks when he is all done.  I may not be able to part with him.

Not quite finished but he’s almost there.

Creature living in my woods

Well, I have another invasion of sorts in my woods.  They are called the Spruceland Sprites or that is the name that I give them.  I have started to model some of them if I can catch them on camera.  So here is the beginning of my studio work as I try to truly represent what these critters look like.  With my busy schedule at our local Arts Council and starting my own bookkeeping business, I struggle to find time in the studio and post stuff on my blog.  But I will do my best and hopefully get back on here a few times a month.  Anyway here are some starting pieces of work.

Spruceland Sprite Elder