Sweden – The continuation

I wish I could have had more time in Stockholm but there were so many places I wanted to visit as part of my family history trip plus many new cousins to meet.  A few tips for Stockholm. Get the Stockholm card.  So worth it for public transport and museums.  I missed out on the first few days but did get a 2-day card which does help keep the cost down while you’re in the city.  There is so much to see and do in Stockholm you just can’t do it all in a short time.  It’s worth jumping on the subway as well.  Clean, efficient and lots of great artwork in the subways.

The weather was awesome while I was there.  My second day I walked down by the National Museum and had lunch at an outdoor cafe.  Best Ceasar Salad I have had to date.  Maybe it was the fresh Swedish air and friendly service.  I did learn a bit of Swedish before heading over.  Not necessary as they speak English perfectly.  I was told that if you try to speak Swedish they’ll know you speak English and want to speak only English.  Not true.  Whenever I would try my very poor Swedish they were more than glad to help me try and speak the language.  Even teaching me new words and phrases.  So if you want to have a bit of a linguistic adventure try learning a little bit of Swedish before you go.  You’ll be amazed how much you pick up while you’re there.  Okay, here are a few more photos from Stockholm.  More to come.


National Museum getting a facelift. This was the site of Johan Clason’s shipyard in the 1700’s in Blasieholmen.


Nothing better the a Swede in uniform.  This is outside the Royal Palace.


Outside the Royal Palace. Hmm. Thought I might be invited in for tea.

Swedish Tomtar

Sweden 2015 Part 1

Well I have been away from my blog for awhile now.  So to get back into writing again I will post some of my photos and experiences from my trip to Sweden.  In the 3 weeks I was there I visited Stockholm, Uppsala, Nyköping, Vasterås and Härnösand.  Also took a side trip to Helsinki, Finland.  Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited and I was so lucky to meet up with family to get the inside track on things and avoid the really touristy stuff.  Although I did do a bit of that as well.  Landed in Stockholm on May 1st and spent the first few days recovering from jet lag.  Made it to Gamla Stan on Day 1 to see where Johan Clason (my 6th great grandfather) had his first business.  On the way I passed by the corner where Johan first worked.  Very different from the early 1700’s but I did get a picture of the street signs on the exact corner.

Johan's first business

The street where Johan’s business and home was located on Brunnsgränd in Gamla Stan (Old Town Stockholm)


The corner where Johan first worked.

Another view of Brunnsgränd

Another view of Brunnsgränd

The Art of Selfie

In preparation for my trip I thought I should learn how to perfect taking a “Selfie”.  So on this cool, cloudy Sunday I thought it might be a good day to start practising.  I grabbed my purse looking for my phone and it wasn’t there.  I always leave it in the same place.  It had to be in there.  I pulled everything out of my purse and turned the house upside down trying to find my phone.  Now thinking I would have to get a replacement before my trip I decided to take solace by pre-packing for my trip.

Well, lo and behold there was my phone on top of my pile of clothes.  And this is what I found in my photo gallery.

I can only hope mine turn out better.

selfie1 selfie2 selfie4 selfie5

Oh yes and here is the guilty party.


The hippo is pooing



Well another powerful animal totem.  And why the hippo?  When I was stumped and couldn’t come up with a new animal totem to design for the Chubby Bubby Buddy line I remembered my trip to the Calgary Zoo in 2014.

We took our Brownie troop for an overnight stay at the African Savannah Building.  There were meerkats, red river hogs, giraffes, snakes and 2 hippos named, Lobi and Sparky.  Oh yes and one very loud peacock.

The girls learned about the animals that live in the African Savannah including two interesting facts about Hippos.  The first are their teeth which, according to zoo staff, can bite a small boat in half.  Needless to say we had a few girls who wanted to move their cots and sleeping bags away from the hippo pool where they came nose to nose with the mighty beast.

The second is the flinging of the poo which is designed to spread the poo over a wider area and thereby marking territory.  There was even a warning sign in the “spray zone”.  Of course there is nothing better than a good poo story to amuse a gaggle of 7 and 8 year old girls.  Well we waited all night and early into the next morning but Lobi and Sparky opted for the comforts of the water and never headed up into the spray zone.

However, the whole event would have been missed had it not been for our resident stragglers and dawdlers.  Huddled by the Savannah building exit, desperately needed a copy of coffee, a chorus of voices could heard from the distance – “The hippo is pooping!!  the hippo is pooping!!”  I never saw 30 girls and adults move so fast toward this type of animal activity.  It was quite the sight.

And don’t forget the hippo, also known as the “water horse” reminds us to break out of our rut and focus our creativity energies in a new direction.

Till next time.



©Lyndell Classon and Classon Creations






What’s in a dream?

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” ~ Walt Disney

Last night I dreamt I was locked in a very well known department store for the entire night.  Wow, how could they not know that I was still in the store?  How could they not hear the shopping cart as it squeaked its way through the aisles?  Did they not listen?  Did they not check the store and call out. “is anyone still here?”  No, they just dimmed the lights and left me there – alone.

So after my initial anger, fear and terror set in I made my way to the main entrance and found the doors locked – from the outside.  I pressed my face against the cold hard glass  and reached into my purse for my car keys.  My little flashlight would guide my way.

I slowly turned and faced the wide expanse of the store and then to my delight I realized it was mine, all mine.  The clothes, the accessories, the appliances, the toys, ohh-h-h-h and the Wii.

I headed to camping and housewares and collected lamps, extra batteries, and a miner’s headlamp.  Like Hansel and Gretel with their breadcrumbs through the forest I left a trail of camping lights so I could retrace my steps if necessary.  I knew my flashlight would not last for long.

I headed to cosmetics for a much needed mani/pedi, fingernail decals and all.  I sprayed my hair purple, poofed it up with Dippity-doo, and shone my headlamp in the direction of the Toy Department.  The first order of business: build an entire Star Wars set out of Lego, Death Star canteen included.

Throughout the night I made my way to each department eventually ending back in camping supplies.  I crawled into my 5-man tent and curled up in a large down-filled sleeping bag.

That’s where they found me the next morning.  They waded their way through my fortress of half-opened boxes, chip bags and ice cream tubs to wake me.  I rubbed my eyes, reached into my purse and slowly but steadily handed them by credit card.

Till next time.



©2014 Lyndell Classon and Classon Creations

Friendship at its deepest level

Sam the skunk is prone to panic attacks and moments of fear.  Not good when you’re a skunk.  But his buddies decided it was time to take him out of his comfort zone and head out for a hike.  So they left my studio and up they went to the top of the mountain; singing, whistling, and humming away.  Sam was in the zone and feeling good.  Once on the peak they took in a few rays and relaxed in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Then it happened.  They heard a loud noise just beyond the peak.  Knowing Sam’s fears his friends turned toward the noise in preparation to defend themselves and Sam.  But Sam’s panic got the better of him and well you know what happened next.  Yep.  Poof.  It just snuck out.

Ooops.  So Sorry.

Ooops. So Sorry.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” ~ Walter Winchell