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Sweden – The continuation

I wish I could have had more time in Stockholm but there were so many places I wanted to visit as part of my family history trip plus many new cousins to meet.  A few tips for Stockholm. Get the Stockholm card.  So worth it for public transport and museums.  I missed out on the first few days but did get a 2-day card which does help keep the cost down while you’re in the city.  There is so much to see and do in Stockholm you just can’t do it all in a short time.  It’s worth jumping on the subway as well.  Clean, efficient and lots of great artwork in the subways.

The weather was awesome while I was there.  My second day I walked down by the National Museum and had lunch at an outdoor cafe.  Best Ceasar Salad I have had to date.  Maybe it was the fresh Swedish air and friendly service.  I did learn a bit of Swedish before heading over.  Not necessary as they speak English perfectly.  I was told that if you try to speak Swedish they’ll know you speak English and want to speak only English.  Not true.  Whenever I would try my very poor Swedish they were more than glad to help me try and speak the language.  Even teaching me new words and phrases.  So if you want to have a bit of a linguistic adventure try learning a little bit of Swedish before you go.  You’ll be amazed how much you pick up while you’re there.  Okay, here are a few more photos from Stockholm.  More to come.


National Museum getting a facelift. This was the site of Johan Clason’s shipyard in the 1700’s in Blasieholmen.


Nothing better the a Swede in uniform.  This is outside the Royal Palace.


Outside the Royal Palace. Hmm. Thought I might be invited in for tea.

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