Here is what kept me away

I have been so busy with an upcoming window display of my product that I haven’t had time to blog, tweet or Facebook to the extend that I should.  Here are three little reasons why.


Three little gifts for you.

Originally these little folk were going to be ornaments to put on the tree but they decided differently.  Each little elf is sturdy and sits on their own.  They have also brought presents for you.  They will be on display along with my snowmen, Spruceland Kids, and 3 angels that are in various stages in the studio.  If you happen to live in or around the Cranbrook area of BC stop by Kathy’s Kitchen on Baker Street on or after November 25 and pop in and see these them.  The whole family of folks would love to meet you and maybe even go home with you.

They will be included in a Boxing Day sale on My Etsy and ArtFire if there are any left.  My totem collection will be on sale at 10% off on My Etsy on the weekend of Nov. 25.  Check it out

These fellows may show up there as a custom order.  We shall see.


Cheers till next time.