Cellphone peeps

Have you ever woken up at oh say around 2:00 in the morning with that annoying sound, you know the one, your cellphone battery is low.  It beeps about every 5 minutes.  The dilemma is do you haul your ass out of bed, go down 2 flights of stairs and turn it off or do you just ignore it.  I alway try to ignore but after 30 minutes it just gets louder.  So on went the slippers and I stumbled down the stairs and that’s when I saw them.  These crazy little critters twirling, spinning and typing on my cellphone.  I swear it looked like they were texting.  Or was it just the cough syrup playing tricks with my mind again.  I ran for my camera and caught this image.   They each have 3 set of eyes for lookout and sharp beaks for texting.  They can text faster than any 16 year old I’ve ever seen texting.

You cannot see the message they are typing but it says “Monsters.  They are coming.”  Great, why me and why my household.  There’s 5 acres up here for them to take over and they decide that my house is more fun.  Maybe they feel sorry for me and are just providing fodder for my blog.  Anyway, just wanted to share.

Cheers for another day.

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