Friendship at its deepest level

Sam the skunk is prone to panic attacks and moments of fear.  Not good when you’re a skunk.  But his buddies decided it was time to take him out of his comfort zone and head out for a hike.  So they left my studio and up they went to the top of the mountain; singing, whistling, and humming away.  Sam was in the zone and feeling good.  Once on the peak they took in a few rays and relaxed in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Then it happened.  They heard a loud noise just beyond the peak.  Knowing Sam’s fears his friends turned toward the noise in preparation to defend themselves and Sam.  But Sam’s panic got the better of him and well you know what happened next.  Yep.  Poof.  It just snuck out.

Ooops.  So Sorry.
Ooops. So Sorry.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” ~ Walter Winchell

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