The Art of Selfie

In preparation for my trip I thought I should learn how to perfect taking a “Selfie”.  So on this cool, cloudy Sunday I thought it might be a good day to start practising.  I grabbed my purse looking for my phone and it wasn’t there.  I always leave it in the same place.  It had to be in there.  I pulled everything out of my purse and turned the house upside down trying to find my phone.  Now thinking I would have to get a replacement before my trip I decided to take solace by pre-packing for my trip.

Well, lo and behold there was my phone on top of my pile of clothes.  And this is what I found in my photo gallery.

I can only hope mine turn out better.

selfie1 selfie2 selfie4 selfie5

Oh yes and here is the guilty party.


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