Uppsala – The City

My second day on my bike and thought I would head out of town to the Nature Reserve just past the city proper.  I had no idea that the Skandis Bike Weekend was happening  and wouldn’t you know it I got caught up in the middle of it.  I was casually riding out of town and down to the Nature Reserve minding my own business when I stopped at a small bridge and saw them coming up behind me. A man started speaking Swedish to me. He repeated in English and asked, “Are you joining the group,” and chuckled. My answwe was a resounding, “no”

I did eventually find the nature reserve and hiked around.  I found an alternate route back into town by accident and had a very peaceful ride.

The bike competition was centred at Uppsala Castle.  So I watched the riders from the safety of a park bench.

Uppsala Castle
Uppsala Castle

Next time the amazing Uppsala Cathedral or Uppsala Domkyrka and more about the Uppsala Castle.

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