Fortress of Suomenlinna

I arrived at the Harbour in Helsinki and boarded the Water Bus to the Sea Fortress of Suomenlinna. There were a couple of school classes headed over for the day as well.  How great to have so much history in a country and so many great places to explore when you’re a kid or even a kid at heart.

Founded on the islands off the coast of Helsinki in 1748, the Suomenlinna sea fortress is a cultural treasure.  My plan was to head over for an hour or so then come back to Helsinki for the afternoon.  That’s what all the travel sites recommended.  One, two hours tops.  For me they were wrong.    Once I arrived I didn’t want to leave. You can almost get lost over here and forget about time.    I found some great quiet places away from all the visitors.  Stumbled across the Nordic Walk by accident and walked around the perimeter.  I can see why it made such a formidable fortress.  Historically you had a full 360 degree view of enemies coming from any direction.  Today you have a 360 degree view of tourists and school trips so you can run in the other direction.  Just kidding.  Even with it’s military past for me it was peaceful and tranquil.

So if you like to get away from the city and step back in time, I recommend the Fortress of Suomenlinna.

The courtyard and tomb of Augustin Ehrensvärd
View from Cafe Piper
King’s Gate – The emblem of Suomenlinna. It was built as the ceremonial gateway to the fortress.
Waiting for the Water Bus
Waiting for the Water Bus
I know another crazy haired picture. Having fun on a windy cool day at Suomenlinna.
Sand-covered roofs of the gunpowder magazines
Sand-covered roofs of the gunpowder magazines
View of shoreline from the Nordic Walk
One of the tranquil paths away from the tourists. Ahh-h-h solitude

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