Happy Thanksgiving

We woke up this morning to about an inch of snow.  And more fell throughout the day.  So what do you do on a snowy cold day in early October when you had your thanksgiving dinner yesterday – you play in your studio.

I was trying to come up with another new ornament to get ready for the upcoming Christmas markets.  I wanted something Scandinavian to keep my tomtar company on the table.  My husband remembered the Danish Paper Hearts when he was a boy.  So I googled around to get some ideas.

Here is my polymer clay interpretation of the Swedish, Danish paper hearts.  I used red and green to test these first ones.  Now that I have the process figured out the next ones will have white clay.  As any polymer clay artist knows white clay (actually polymer clay in general) seems to pick up every piece of lint on and off the work area.

Process for working with white clay:

1: Scrub down as if preparing for surgery

2: Put on your white surgical scrubs including hood, should any stray hairs decide to fall on your work area.

3: Enter the decontamination room set up outside your studio.  Close outer door before opening the inner main studio door.

4: Enter studio, sit down and begin your project.

5:Pull your hood down and scream in horror as you complete your all white project and right in the middle is a piece of lint embedded .5mm down.  Oh well.  Nothing that a little rubbing alcohol and exacto knife won’t fix.  Right.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to all my friends south of the border a Happy Columbus Day.




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