Ah, Sunday mornings.

Ah, Sunday mornings.  Eyes closed.  Feet up.  Enjoying retirement.  Thinking back to all those years annoying farmers with my antics.  Life was good then.  Life should be good now.  But not when you live in a foreign country with a crazy and deranged human.

Seriously why would you stand over a 200 year old sleeping tomte gnome dressed like this waiting for him to wake up.  Do we want to test his ticker at this late stage of life?  Really.  Look.  Look at her.  She’s laughing.


I thought maybe I could reason with her Viking Danish husband.  Man to gnome.  But he has escaped for the weekend.  Can you blame him?

So, I must plot my revenge, but I cannot do it on my own.  I wonder if these guys might help out.  They love hiding keys, wallets and phones.  Imagine what the six of us could accomplish.

Until next week.

Signed the displaced Swedish Tomtar with no name.


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