My First Road Trip

“I know you’ll feel a lot better if you just come for a ride.  Who doesn’t love a parade?”

Me, that’s who.  So once again I am forced to spend a day in the life of a crazy Canuck.  This is me on the dashboard hurtling down a country road at top speeds. That dull humming sound you hear are my muffled screams.

“We are taking you to Cranbrook’s annual Sam Steele Days celebration.  Plus, it’s a great warm up to Canada’s 150th birthday party.”

Ha-a-a.  150 years.  That’s nothing.  I lost count when I hit 200 years of age.  Stopped celebrating the passage of time right about then.  Too many candles.  Too many trees.  However, I may not see not see 300 if I cannot escape.

She tries to appease me with her interpretation of a Swedish Fika**  Where’s the cake?

IMG_01261My second humiliation of the day is posing with her country’s flag.  Do I look like I belong?


Wait.  Things are looking up. Look at those colours.  Remind anyone of a country’s flag.


Then I recognized something.  If you look very closely over my right shoulder there is a slightly out of focus Viking.  Have they invaded Canada?  Are they here to celebrate?  Are they here to take me home?


I was finally at ease until I turned around and saw this.  I think one of them is looking right at me.  I must take cover.


Ahh refuge in the top of the big Dane’s hat.  Here I will stay until I am safely back home.


Signed a displaced Swedish Tomte with no name.

©Classon Designs

**Fika is coffee and sweets to be enjoyed with friends.




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