The Old Wise Woman in Progress ~ Art Dolls

Bit by bit my first doll is coming together.  I am not sure if I will be able to part with her.  She may have to sit on my mantle to motivate me to keep going and practicing.

Her head is complete and just needs to go into the hair studio for a new do.  I am not sure if she likes being bald.  Although with that serene expression you never know.  But she will get a full head of hair.

mummi-head.jpgHer body is almost ready and just waiting for hands and feet.  The feet will be a bit easier as she will be wearing boots.  The hands are another story.  So how to I learn to make great hands.  Practice, practice, practice.


I am quite happy with the body since this is the first time I have every attempted a soft body sculpture doll.  Sorry she looks a bit like a voodoo doll.  Once her head is attached and we have hands I think she will look a bit more human

Stay tuned as we progress with this my first soft-bodied doll with clay hands, head and feet/boots.

©Classon Designs and Lyndell Classon



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