Fairies, fairy godmothers and other mystical beings

Here are a few works in progress at the moment. My blog and studio work is heading on a new path or journey so to speak. I have for many years dreamed of making clay sculptures and dolls. At the beginning of 2018 I told myself that now matter how many hurdles I would have to jump I would practice, practice, practice sculpting doll heads, hands and feet. Along with sculpting full clay bodies. I still have more to learn but I am very happy and excited with how I have progressed this year. I hope I never stop learning.

A little Christmas Fairy waiting for her dress and wings. All hand sculpted in polymer clay

A great wizard with clay hands, head and feet and sculpted soft body.

Larger works in progress with lots to do

Fairy godmother waiting for me to finish her hair and add wings

A cup of tea will makes things right

Lots of works in progress at the moment. So excited that my dolls and figurines are at our local Art Gallery – Cranbrook Arts Council.  The Mummi figurine is a hit and I have had so many people tell me where they are displaying their Mummi in their home and how at peace she always seems to be.  She is zen for sure.

This tranquil little doll is modelled after my mother, a petite lady with a big personality.  An amazing woman that had been through a great deal in her life but always remained calm and in the moment. Never dwelled in the past. Never worried about the future. When my life seemed to be veering off course and I could feel a panic attack knocking at my front door mom’s solution was a nice hot cup of tea. That was her cure all for everything.  And guess what it worked.

This trio of sisters is coming together although still lots of work to do.

The Old Wise Woman in Progress ~ Art Dolls

Bit by bit my first doll is coming together.  I am not sure if I will be able to part with her.  She may have to sit on my mantle to motivate me to keep going and practicing.

Her head is complete and just needs to go into the hair studio for a new do.  I am not sure if she likes being bald.  Although with that serene expression you never know.  But she will get a full head of hair.

mummi-head.jpgHer body is almost ready and just waiting for hands and feet.  The feet will be a bit easier as she will be wearing boots.  The hands are another story.  So how to I learn to make great hands.  Practice, practice, practice.


I am quite happy with the body since this is the first time I have every attempted a soft body sculpture doll.  Sorry she looks a bit like a voodoo doll.  Once her head is attached and we have hands I think she will look a bit more human

Stay tuned as we progress with this my first soft-bodied doll with clay hands, head and feet/boots.

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Art Dolls of Every Kind

Finally have a bit of time to sit down and write about what has been going on in my studio.  I have been working on a few new Swedish Gnomes, a new line of “Old Wise Woman” dolls and figures.  But what has been taking up most of my studio time is learning how to sculpt faces, hands and feet from polymer clay.  Wow, I didn’t think I could have this much fun with sculpting.  Lots of hours spent learning and refining.  Lots of ripping those poor heads apart and starting all over again.

Here are a few pictures so you can see what I have been up to for the past little while.


This was a special order and the first in the Mummi line.  Mummi is an informal Finnish word for grandmother.  These dolls and figures represent the Wise Woman in our lives and in ourselves.


Slowly getting the hang of sculpting heads.  Lots of refining still to do but having a great time learning this new skill.


And finally one of the new Swedish Gnomes for 2018.  These chubby little guys are now available on my website.

Mummi’s will be added in February.  Those wonderful dolls will be later this year.


Happy New Year to everyone.

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My little Swedish Gnome

I have always wanted to bring my little gnomes to life on the page but have been fearful of working on paper again.  It has been a long time since I have sketched on paper.  So 2018 I will step outside my comfort zone and start sketching my gnomes and see where this will lead me.

I found my old sketchbooks, watercolours and colour pencils.  Now I just have to put my fear monster back in the closet and have some fun.

Here are a few beginnings.

© Lyndell Classon and Classon Designs

Hearts, hearts, hearts

I have been experimenting with some other colours of these hearts inspired by the Swedish paper hearts at Christmas.  The first one I designed is this handpainted green and blue on bronze clay.  The colours of the land and sea as I good friend commented when she saw the pendant.


Here is the process with red and purple clay.  First the clay heart, next the eyepin for the bail.


Mark in the lines.


Colour with pearl ex powder, the add 5 to 6 layers of liquid polymer clay over the powder.


At first I thought about going for purple and pewter but in the end switched the liquid clay over to a bright red.  I am really happy with how they turned out.


Now for sanding and buffing later this week.  Hope to have to experiment with a few more colour combinations before the Christmas markets.

© Classon Designs, Lyndell Classon


Hand painted Butterfly pendants

I have been playing around with butterfly pendant ideas since I started making polymer clay jewelry after years of making fun little animal figurines.  The lines are drawn in free hand.  Then I decide on the colours.  Each section is painted with PearlEx Powder then 5 layers of coloured Liquid Polymer Clay is added on top.

Now just curing, sanding and buffing.  Will post an complete picture once this is ready.  I am quite happy with how this had turned out.  Will work on another one that is a bit larger so I have a more room to try to add more colour.  I hope to get a few more made for both the website and the upcoming Christmas craft fairs in November in and around Cranbrook.