Playing with Clay and Ink


Thought I would take a break from Christmas ornaments and experiment with Pardo translucent clay, Pearl Ex Powders and Alcohol Inks today.  Very very happy with the results.  It’s always a guess what will happen before you figure out the ratio of ink to clay.  But I am very happy with these results.  I was going to leave them they way they are but think I will sand and buff them.  The lighter colour  ones look like beautiful moonstone.

Now thinking of other ways to use this great clay for other pendant designs.  Off to the sketchbook now to see what I can work out.


New Cats for 2016

My favorite part of being an artist is coming up with new designs for the summer markets.  I seem to be fascinated with cats this year.

Here is the process of one new design.

I run my clay through the pasta machine at the thickest setting then lay my template on top.  I run the brayer over the template so I can see the image on the clay.

First lay of clay with template

Next is to place brass wire into the first layer so the neck will be reinforced.

Brass wire embedded

Next is the 2nd layer

Layers waiting for canework


Next I lay my canework on top of these 2.

Three layers of clay

The template goes back on and the cat is cut out.


Almost done

Now she just needs eyes, cheeks, nose and tail.

Here are 2 all ready for the oven.

All ready to go

Once cured these little pendants will be sanded from 1500-12000 grit to give them a nice glossy finish.

The Art of Selfie

In preparation for my trip I thought I should learn how to perfect taking a “Selfie”.  So on this cool, cloudy Sunday I thought it might be a good day to start practising.  I grabbed my purse looking for my phone and it wasn’t there.  I always leave it in the same place.  It had to be in there.  I pulled everything out of my purse and turned the house upside down trying to find my phone.  Now thinking I would have to get a replacement before my trip I decided to take solace by pre-packing for my trip.

Well, lo and behold there was my phone on top of my pile of clothes.  And this is what I found in my photo gallery.

I can only hope mine turn out better.

selfie1 selfie2 selfie4 selfie5

Oh yes and here is the guilty party.


Hug a walrus today

Well, another new fun animal totem has emerged from my studio.  The Walrus Totem.  I was not sure which colour to use but then opted for blue, the colour of water, the walrus’ favourite habitat.  If you have ever watched them they are a bit clumsy on land but in the water graceful and effortless.

The walrus reminds us to take the path of least resistance and remember when one crosses your path to stop and hug someone you care about.

Happy walrus


“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.”~ Bil Keane

Fairy Gardens

Well the first Spring Market has come and gone.  Lots of great comments on the new line of Chubby Bubby Buddies and Tomtes.  My next show is the Cranbrook Garden Show on July 6th.  This will be my third invite to the this show.  One of the organizers gave me a great tip for this year when we spoke at the Spring Market.

They have been doing workshops on fairy gardens so hint, hint maybe try some pieces that can be used in these indoor and outdoor gardens.

So for the past 2 days I have been in my studio coming up with some garden trolls that might work.  Should be on my Etsy and Indiemade sites within the week.

I had a great deal of fun playing around with polymer clay and my pan pastels to see what type of effect I could get.

Here are two group shots outside in my flower beds

Frolicking in my flower beds
Frolicking in my flower beds

Another group shot

Some closeup shots


Mushroom idea
Mushroom idea
A mushroom troll
A mushroom troll
Mushroom number one
Mushroom number one
Rock Troll
Rock Troll

Next instalment is a prototype for a larger troll that I have had mulling around in my head for about a week now.

Grampy has new clothes

Well, I thought I should update this blog with the next step of the Spruceland Sprites.  I finally have clothes on Grampy Sprite.  Haven’t named him yet but that will come later.  This was my first real attempt at hands and feet.  They’re not bad.  As I type he is sitting in the oven for the final bake.  He will then be antiqued and varnished.  I will might put him on My Etsy site when he is finished.  I haven’ decided yet.  We’ll see how he looks when he is all done.  I may not be able to part with him.

Not quite finished but he’s almost there.

Ready for the show

Well here are a few shots of the completed garden critters.  The butterflies are plant stakes for your household plants or you can even use them in your flower boxes outside.  The ladybugs are actually fridge magnets but I couldn’t resist lining them up outside on the deck.  My husband loves the ladybugs so I am now back in the studio again making more this week.  Not sure if they will be ready for the show but they will be fun to have on Etsy.



They escaped from the fridge and made it outside

Almost ready for the show

Well here are a few of my new critters.  They are not quite complete but thought I would show their progress.  Just a bit of paint and their wire stakes to hold them in your favourite flower pots.  Hope to have this done soon.  However, it is the holiday weekend in Canada and I have family coming in so I may not have them finished and ready to show for a few days.   I will most definitely take photos before they go off to the Garden Tour on July 8th.